Esports Betting

Esports is today a popular term in the gaming and online world, the term esports is essentially an acronym for electronic sports. Electronic sports or esports is a fairly new industry and it has in recent years gained a major level of popularity. However, there might be a few persons who are still uncertain about what esports entails. Esports can be viewed as somewhat of a computer or console game, which can be played by single individuals, a team of players or with two opposing individuals or two opposing teams.

Esports has been classified as a game, but it is clear that esports is more than just a game. Esports attracts a wide pool of sponsorship from different companies and organizations and unlike other common games esports usually have a clear tournament structure and a high level of organization. Esports is essentially the playground for some of the best gamers in the world and with the amount of capital it generates from sponsorships; it is in indeed a lucrative career for many gamers.

What can also be very lucrative is esports betting; all a potential esports bettor has to do is sit at home and study the mechanics behind esports; which might potentially make that individual a very wealthy person. There is a lot of money to be had in esports betting, all that is left to do is know exactly how to get it.

The Mechanics of Esports Betting

Before an individual bets on any team or player in an esporting event, it is encouraged that the bettor executes an extensive research on the players or the teams in the game. With esports bettors have the has the facilities to get the history of all the players in a specific esporting event, as with esports everything is documented and available online; therefore a bettor can make a fully informed decision before they put a wager down.

The betting world of esports is more restricted than the other more traditional sports betting ventures, in that the esports betting options are limited to betting on the winners; the only two options for betting on match winners in esports betting is moneyline and handicap.

  • Moneyline Betting

In esports moneyline betting is basically a match winner bet; essentially all a bettor does in an esports moneyline bet is bet on the individual or they think is going to win a match or tournament.

  • Handicap Betting

The handicap betting in esports is quite similar to the handicap betting in traditional sports; what handicap betting does is lengthen the odds of a favorite in order to increase the bettors return. However, unlike the handicap betting on traditional sports, esports betters are not given the option to bet on the losers. In the esports handicap betting world if a team or an individual is playing against another with a handicap of -1.5 then the winning team has to win with at least a 2-0 score, else the bettor would lose the bet and all the money that bettor wagered.

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