How to play the Mystic Secret Slot game?

This game could win you not only a great sum of money, but also take you on a romantic fairytale ride. The romance would be definitely spiced up if you stand a chance of winning up to 5,000 credits with every spin. This Novomatic slot has 5 reels and 10 play lines which are adjustable. The Mystic Secrets slot also consist of a wild symbol and the scatter. This game allows you to play the risk game along with its standard spins.

  • Rules to play the Mystic Slot

This slot has a rather easy to operate control system. A player is supposed to utilize the lines menu to activate the 1 to 10 directions what form the winning combinations. A player is given 10 credits of maximum heat to the place which is regulated by the bet element.

To win this video slot is divided into two cases:

  • When there appear 2 to 4 same symbols
  • When there appears 3 or more, but are dispersed all around the playing field

To begin with the game, simply push the start button and the spin to be automatically started. There will be a rectangle having the payout table description displayed through it, you can see the winning statistics for each symbol there and likewise place the bid.

In case you win the main game, the gamble button will become active and you can play the risk game now. The risky game, as the name suggests, is all about risks because either you will win double the amount, or lose everything. The play is simple, you need to guess the color of the suit and that’s it about the risk game. It has simple rules but a very risky result.

  • Do you stand a chance to hit the bonus?

Winning this game is entirely your luck by chance; the bonus could be even harder to score. A wild symbol that of a gray magician’s portrait will replace all the icons which are known to give most of the big number wins for its players.

  • How to win the Secret Slot game?

Who doesn’t want to increase the chances of scoring the grand jackpot? If you wish to hit the jackpot, it is always suggested to activate all 10 lines together. The larger the bet at a given instance, the greater are your odds to win as soon as the spin begins.Only start the risk to activate all 10 of the lines after the low-paid spins has ended in the Mystic Secret Slots.

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