unique CS: GO Betting Service has numerous unique features and aspects that you are unlikely to find on any other site. First, their services consist of hugely twisted crash and roulette. Starting with the site’s layout, Gamdom has selected yellow and green colours as the primary ones. After you signed into the site, the first thing you will notice is the menu bar at the top of the home page.

From there, you will have many options, including selecting the marketplace, depositing money, online counter, balance, game mode and the steam profile picture. Again, at the top, you will have the option of visiting the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, the Support, Provably Fair, the Transactions and Name Promotion or the Leaderboard.

  • The FAQ page

Gamdom describes all the basics of their site on this page – if you have a problem, you are more likely to find the best solution on this page. The page covers several topics like how to play any of the offered games, depositing and withdrawal of money and the rules to observe when playing. Each time you land on problems, the FAQ page should be the first thing to get into your mind.

  • The Provably Fair

The Provably Fair provides nothing special. It is just a standard verification equation that prevents any chances of the user being cheated on the way.

  • The Support

The support might not be very special, but to be honest, it is average. When gambling on the site, you should try to select the best support section. offers three support sections – one for business and marketing, another for the normal support and a third one for technical issues and bugs.

  • The Terms of Service (TOS) page

The Bitcoin gaming site has standardised ToS page, possibly to prevent the chances of people suing them for any reason. The first thing you should know before you even start the sign up process is that you must be above the age of 18 years. If you abuse their site in any way, you will get your balance cleared. The rule rarely affects users. To be safe, you should not try to cheat their system in any way.

  • The Leaderboard

For average users, the leaderboard might be of no use. The site has three leaderboards. The first leaderboard is for the people who have wagered the largest number of times on this Bitcoin gambling site. The second is for individuals who have profited the most on crash and the last is for the people who have made the biggest profit on roulette. A huge profit on is a crazy amount and therefore the Leaderboard might not serve any purpose. However, you might need to check the huge amounts from time to time.

  • The Transactions

As you expect on other sites, the Transactions page provides the gamblers with an overview of the withdrawals and deposits. It is among the parts you should check more often.

  • The Name Promotion

Gamdom provides users with bonuses by having the name “” on the Steam name. By making the bonus active, you will unlock some rewards counting 2-times daily bonus and over 50 percent from rains. You will get twice the XP amount, which will facilitate faster levelling up and increase the daily rewards.


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