How to Bet On Muay Thai – Some Interesting Things to Know

Muay Thai is a controversial combat sport and is quite similar to kick-boxing. This sport has been under scanner since long due to a number of issues like fight fixing, the violent nature of the game and unrealistic betting deals. This sport, however, is still allowed at some of the registered arenas in Thailand. The permission is granted to hold this game after thorough checking of the records and settling of any issue that can lead to unrest amongst the punters. The game is open for betting and a few years back, it did attract filthy big kitty of some 5.7 million Bahts.

Here are some of the interesting things pertaining to the betting in this sport:

  • There is a system of gestures used for betting

Gamblers are mostly seated in the arena to view the match and place bets on possible events. They use gestures instead of mouth to place bets. Open palm means that the speculator wants to bet on the weak party. Fingers are used to indicate the reputation of the player and the speculators then place bet in response to this suggestive information they receive. Some online betting sites have simplified the betting procedure to make it clear, crisp and transparent.

  • Close matches are organized to avoid betting

Betting on Muay Thai is not so welcome. The organizers do not like the idea of game being manipulated for big booties. So, they organize the matches amongst the players similar in performance and caliber. This discourages the betting and players play only to demonstrate good play and not to favor the betting experts.

Take time out to understand the betting gestures to the full before giving into the temptation of speculating on this combat sport – a serious advice! Better option is to come online at UFA1688 where learning is required a bit less.

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