Placing The First Bet On Virtual Greyhound Racing


One of the best ways to strike a perfect balance between gaining an adrenaline rush and earning some cash is to bet on a greyhound race. But the popularity of this sport has diminished over time due to allegation of maltreatment of the greyhounds etc. Thus a new sport, in the form of virtual greyhound racing, has come up and today most online betting websites like the are capitalizing on the popularity of this virtual game because:

  • The virtual version can be played from anywhere and at anytime,
  • Virtual greyhound races are much more readily available than the real ones,
  • Disruptions due to bad weather, illness and injuries of dogs etc., have been absolutely eliminated and
  • Digital races do not tire out or put stress on dogs.

Placing the bet

Once an online betting website has been chosen, the gambler is ready to place a bet on a virtual greyhound racing game. The gambler can either place:

  • A safe bet with short odds like 2/1 or 3/1 etc., on a particular dog or
  • Take a risk and place a bet on a dog with longer odds of 9/1 etc.

Of course he can place bets on the position the dogs finish in, on two or more dogs etc. Here placing the bet involves understanding the odds and then mathematically determining the probability of winning. Virtual greyhound races are also very fast paced and hence the gambler needs to be in sync with the odds displayed and bet fast.

Making money from virtual greyhound racing is quite easy. The only things that are needed are:

  • An online betting account,
  • Fast internet connectivity on a computer and
  • A strategy that will be beneficial in the long run.

This strategy needs to be understood over a period of time since experience makes gamblers understand intuitively what needs to be done and act accordingly.