Smart Opportunities for the Perfect Judi Online Poker Games

A recent novelty for poker in Italy is given by the new decree that allows you to play online cash games allow you to sit at a table, bet real money with each hand, and withdraw when you want instead of waiting for the prizes, with a maximum limit of 1,000 euros per game session.

Therefore, in addition to the mandatory invitation to play responsibly, to maintain control and not to exceed the amounts wagered, it is useful to go over some practical tips to better face Texas Hold’Em cash: a game mode, at least for Italian poker rooms, relatively new.

First tip: where to sit?

Let’s start with a piece of advice that begins before taking the cards – at least virtually – in hand: the choice of table. And yes, because, unlike live poker, in which you will never know, if not summarily and by direct observation, how the game evolves at a given table, the question changes online, and a lot. Thanks to the overall view offered by the lobby of your favorite poker room, you will have before you a wide selection of cash tables with the indication, in addition to the size of the blinds (which, unlike tournaments, always remain fixed), of very useful statistics like the stack of players, the flops that are generally seen, the amount of the average pot.

  • What kind of indication to get from it, then? First of all, consider your availability of spending compared to the blinds and stacks of the participants at the table: it would be useless to sit at a table with blinds of 1/2 $ with a dowry of $ 10, in the same way it would be difficult to face players with stacks that are 20 times ours.
  • Another preliminary assessment to be made in choosing the most suitable table for your game and your own and finances is that of medium plates. If you find a very high value for this item, then you should know that the players at the table are inclined to strong bets and, consequently, they should not be too afraid of aggressive players. Conversely, if you are playing on the defensive and only with high points, it could be a good table to cheer up some satisfaction.
  • Similarly, and for the same reasons, also look at the percentage of hands played (and folds) pre-flop and post-flop. In the case of a net preponderance of one of the two aspects, you can obtain information about the attitude – more or less closed, more or less aggressive – of the participants at the table.
  • These first steps will help you choose the table that suits you, and above all, those to be avoided. After all, you start winning before you even sit down at the table.

Second tip: patience is the virtue of the strong

If in tournaments the increase in blinds forces you, sooner or later, to come into play even with excellent cards, in the cash game the blinds always remain fixed. This means that if you don’t get caught up in the heat of the game and learns to wait, you will have the luxury of playing only with really important cards.